CBHV Healthcare

Physician’s Offices

Healthcare delivery is changing. Your billing staff is busy and under pressure. Patients are having harder times. We are experienced in collecting receivables for various medical practices and are fully HIPAA-compliant. CBHV can help return needed lost revenue so you can focus on what really matters: patient care.

Choosing the right professional to collect your debt is more important than ever. Your reputation and viability of your practice as a medical practitioner or specialist can be at stake if you can’t recover loss revenue and increase cash flow.

CBHV is a professional accounts receivable recovery agency specializing in collections in the healthcare sector with over 400 satisfied customers who speak highly of our customer service and professionalism – a reputation our locally owned and operated business is proud of.

We always try to collect in a voluntary basis with the patient’s interests at heart. But we are serious about getting payment for what you are legally owed, and litigation services are available. We also provide billing services through our Healthcare Billing Service of NY, Inc. division specializing in non-collection recovery programs.

With today’s changing regulations, we will work to meet your reporting needs and take a customized approach while following all HIPAA requirements. Letting us handle your recovery efforts will take some of the pressure off your practice so you can focus on patients.